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Customer Testimonials


Customer Testimonials

Net Shape Electroforms
"...the only hurdle was finding a supplier who understood what I wanted. I knew that this could be done, but having lost the supplier I worked with last, I received a lot of negative responses. Your competition didn't have the can do attitude and were not customer oriented to make it happen."
Major Aircraft Engine Manufacturer

"We have been using NicoForm for the past few years at Mentor Corporation. The quality and consistency of parts we receive is excellent. Delivery is extremely fast, prototype orders in a couple of days and prices are competitive. All around we have had a great experience with NiCoForm."
Manufacturing Engineer
Mentor Corporation

Rose Technologies Company "We started using NiColoy® dies in 2002 and liked their high release properties, uniform wall thickness and excellent surface finish so much that we now specify these dies in practically every application. Their use significantly reduces cycle times and improves tip quality."

"We've used NiColoy® dies since 2003 and we were looking for a company that could incorporate an intricate design with integrated pins and a hub. NiCoForm's electroformed dies offer us geometry and accuracy that we found could not be produced using other known methods. NiCoForm meets our needs and provides us with quick turnarounds as well."
VP Product Development
Medron Inc

"I use NiCoForm for our tipping dies because they are able to provide high quality, production ready dies in an extremely quick time frame. This allows us to test various tip configurations prior to finalizing our design."
Sr. R&D Engineer
ev3, Inc

FBK Medical Tubing Inc.
"We are pleased with NiCoForm catheter tooling and will continue to use it in the future. NiCoForm’s service is excellent and pricing competitive."
Plant Manager

"NiCoForm has provided our company with a quality product and ample customer service. Their expertise in electroforming has allowed for our business to maintain consistent manufacture of the medical devices we produce. As an engineering technician I will continue to utilize NiCoFom as an external vendor for applicable projects."
Engineering Technician
Tyco Healthcare

Optics & Mircofluidics
"Nicoform's electroformed stampers were able to replicate submicron features in silicon easily. Features like gratings, dots etc.. were fabricated using deep UV (DUV) lithography. Using the electroform at various temperatures and pressures we were able to replicate 1 micron pitch lines on plastic substrates with the desired high fidelity."
K.V.Madanagopal, Ph.D.
Senior Research Associate
Cornell University Alliance for Nanomedical Technologies

"NiCoForm's quick delivery and excellent service, along with the high quality of their material, has contributed greatly to the success of our development project."
Project Scientist
Micralyne Inc.

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