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Presidents Message


Presidents Message

If you want to do business with a dynamic company that has a strong and continually expanding technical foundation, you'll want to explore this site and learn more about NiColoy® and all the advanced products we electroform with it.

If you need a vendor who listens, knows how to serve your needs and is eager to prove it, you should read up on our expert services.

If you want to talk directly to the engineer responsible for your project, our team leaders are available to you.

If you have a truly challenging problem and need experienced professionals to help solve it, you can always contact NiCoForm.

As an engineer who spent my career searching for partners with all these qualities, now I am part of a company that lives by them every day. Let me show you the difference we can make for your business. Let me know how we are doing today and how we could serve you better in the future (click here to send me an e-mail). I'm here and ready to help.

If you want to leverage the technical expertise of a premier electroforming organization, take advantage of NiCoForm's quick and efficient quoting process, fast delivery and outstanding product performance.

Built around the non-polluting recuperative rinsing concept, NiCoForm's facility completely closes the loop of rinsewater recovery. Simply stated, we send no plating chemicals down the drain, protecting the environment and improving electroforming technology.

In short, you should do business with us because of NiCoForm's relentless pursuit of electroforming excellence to create the best products for you, our Customers.

Berl Stein, President

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