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Buildup of Mismachined Components


Buildup of Mismachined Components

NiCoForm will help you rebuild mismachined, worn or undersized components by electroplating a tightly adherent layer of stress-free, machinable and weldable NiColoy® on accurately masked areas.

After plating, the parts can be ground, milled, turned or EDM machined to the required size. We can also apply a wear-resistant NiColoy® coating to new tooling before or after the final machining to assure longer tool life, high corrosion resistance and improved release. Copper and brass mold cores and inserts will benefit the most from a NiColoy® coating protecting them from excessive wear and erosion during molding.

Read more about electroforming for mold repair in the Technical Papers section and download a slide show on the topic.

When NiCoForm restores your critical parts:

  • Mold components are quickly rebuilt at a fraction of the cost of new parts
  • Unlike welding, electroplating is done at a low temperature (<50 Deg. C), preventing heat distortions and loss of material strength
  • Internal surfaces and threads can be uniformly built up

We can plate on the following substrates:

  • Tool steels - S 7, H 13, A 2, P 20 and many others
  • Stainless steels - 300 and 400 series and others
  • Titanium alloys
  • Brass, Copper and its alloys
  • NiColoy®, Nickel and many others

Please Note:
EDM'd, nitrided and other surface treatments need to be stoned or sanded off prior to plating, to remove the 'skin' that compromises adhesion of the plated layer.

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Plated Core Pins and Mold Inserts
Plated Core Pins and Mold Inserts Plated_threads_001
NiColoy Plated Threaded Inserts
Small Mold Inserts after Plating
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