3-6 Output Multi-Channel Current Controllers

Instantly transform an old rectifier, simple battery charger or any source of DC power you own into six state-of-the-art precision plating power supplies.

Tank Diagram.

With NiCoForm's Multi-Channel Current Controller:

  • Every output is independently controlled over its entire range.
  • Mix and match various ranges:
    • Use four outputs for electroforming.
    • Use one output to run a stress test.
    • Use one more to gold plate the finished product.
    • Or use all six to control separate cells in your continuous strip plating line.
  • No current cross-interferences - guaranteed!
  • Absolute current stability and freedom from ripple.
  • The industry's highest precision, accuracy and dependability.
  • Upgrade analog rectifiers with solid state electronics, bright digital displays and precision 10-turn potentiometers.
  • Deliver 50A of DC from a device that fits on your benchtop.

The Intelligent Plater's Power Supply

Whether you precision-electroform miniature engineering components or diamond tools, plate precious metals or operate a continuous strip plating line, if you value quality, consistency and reliability, we have your ideal solution. Our Multi-Channel Constant Current Controller will reduce rejects, increase productivity and boost your bottom line.