Miniature Fiberoptic Housings and Enclosures

Precision miniature optical lens holders, housings and enclosures are used to mount lenses and illumination sources in fiberoptic visual inspection systems. Borescopes and fiberscopes in industry, endoscopes and sigmoidoscopes in medicine, and numerous other devices incorporate miniature electroformed optical mounts, ranging in size from a few millimiters down to a few hundred microns. With walls as thin as 20 microns, dimensional tolerances of +/-10 microns, micro holes and variable cross-sections, NiColoy® electroforms assure consistent performance of these sensitive instruments. Matted and textured surfaces, black coatings, Copper and Gold finishes are sometimes used to enhance their performance. Electroforming is often the only practical method of manufacturing such delicate components with the required rigidity, low weight and accuracy.

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