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The History of NicoForm


The History of NicoForm

In the Spring of 1999, driven by the belief that the true potential of electroforming technology had been largely untapped by manufacturers, and the desire to build a world-class electroforming company focused on solving the most challenging technical problems of our time, Berl Stein formed NiCoForm, Inc. with help from his former employer, Reflexite Corp.

At first, NiCoForm offered selective plating services for mold repair while we continued to refine our nickel-cobalt electroforming technology. The results, marketed under the trade name NiColoy®, are now the core of our growing business. We are continuously searching out applications where the high strength of this proprietary alloy can provide the greatest benefits to our customers by enhancing their products performance. Strongly believing in the synergies created by working in diverse yet technologically related areas, we have concentrated on such high-tech fields as optical and microfluidic mold inserts, catheter tipping dies and high-strength electroformed bellows

You can follow the growth of NiCoForm by reading the company's newsletters.

As the world's first Nickel-Cobalt precision electroformers, this is where we have taken the company today. Our future will be a direct result of the challenges our customers present to us and the creative solutions we help them identify and implement.

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