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Catheter Tip Forming Dies


Catheter Tip Forming Dies

Test our New Tipping Dies with enhanced Wear Resistance.

When NiCoForm electroforms your catheter tipping dies using NiColoy®, our trademark, high-strength alloy, you get:

  • Quick turn-arounds.
  • Significant cost savings.
  • Improved quality.

NiColoy® is electroformed in a stress-free state on permanent or expendable mandrels. It features electromagnetic, thermal, strength and corrosion characteristics closely matching or exceeding those of stainless steel. The use of permanent mandrels significantly reduces per piece cost of the dies.

We achieve a high degree of polish on even the smallest (less than 2Fr) ID tip forming surfaces with excellent release properties. And by electroforming dies with a low but uniform wall thickness (down to .005”), we can significantly shorten heating and cooling cycles and increase throughput.

Complex configurations including balloon ends, multiple lumen dies, calibrated through-holes and integrated elements such as guide pins and mounting hubs are all possible with our process.

Tipping Dies Line Card

NiColoy® tip formers give you better results and a true competitive advantage:

  • Fast delivery:
    • Less than 3 weeks for most new designs.
    • Less than 1 week from an existing mandrel.
  • Reusable mandrels – reduce mold costs by up to 50%.
  • High repeatability – every die has the same dimensions and surface finish.
  • Excellent release properties.
  • Uniform wall thickness:
    • Provides short heating and cooling cycles.
    • Enables higher productivity.
  • Integral hubs:
    • Eliminate the need for secondary operations.
    • Dies are ready to use right out-of-the-box.
  • Easy-to-modify mandrels:
    • Enable engineering changes as necessary.
    • Reduce modification costs.
  • Die design assistance available from our experienced staff.

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