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High Performance Lightweight Electroforms


Welcome to NiCoForm - global leaders in net shape electroforming and the creators of NiColoy®, our class of advanced electrodeposited Nickel-Cobalt alloys.

NiColoy® electroforms outlast and outperform conventional ones in dynamic and static applications.

From lightweight aerospace components to mass-produced:

We electroform parts that run the gamut of sizes, applications, industries and continents. We plate optical mold inserts for single-point diamond turning with a patented Nickel-Phosphorus process.

Science, engineering and innovation are at the core of NiCoForm's approach to solving challenging technical problems. Every day, advanced manufacturing methods are being created and refined by our talented team .

By helping customers develop elegant engineering solutions with creativity, dynamism and a personal touch, we are winning them over, one project at a time.


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  Best-in-class NiColoy® Bellows and Assemblies  

Electroforming is the only bellows fabrication method capable of producing stress-free components. In other manufacturing methods - rolling, welding, hydroforming - the finished bellows contain welded seams... more

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